Welcome to Pets Data Cruncher!
The goal of Pets Data Cruncher is to serve and provide a compassionate and caring site for the important member of the family and that is your pets.
Data at your fingertips accessible anytime, anywhere and you'll also learn from the experts.
By means of analyzing medical history, collecting medical information for your pets using forums and connecting with other pet owners you can enjoy as well as meet your foremost goal to check and monitor the health of your pets.
You need not be alone to care for your best friend. This site together with all its members will help and guide you in doing the proper care.
Caring for your pet is a big responsibility and we are proud to intoduce Pet Data Cruncher to everyone who wants to take the best care for your pet family member, to safeguard their health and well being.
It is the place to find useful resources about your pet's health and it will guide you in the post-op care of your pets and will aid you communicating with your veteranians.
It covers health issues you maybe facing with your pet. You will find information about symptoms and signs of the problems well as tips on caring for a pet with health issues. PDC is here to help with resources, articles and more to answer any questions you might have from new owners to veteran animal lovers, there is something for everyone to learn.
It provides tools to help people keep their animal friends happy and healthy.
A home early detection test that enables you to detect health problems in your pets even before symptoms appear.
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